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Bobobox Dago

When I went on a road trip with my husband, Bandung was our first stop. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to try Bobobox Dago.

The Hotel


With a fully integrated system, Bobobox Dago stands out amidst similiar hotels. Everything is app-based from booking in to checking out. To gain access to their rooms a.k.a pods, guests are required to use individual smart keys from QR codes in their apps, making Bobobox one of the safest capsule hotels in Indonesia.

The friendly front desk staff greeted me upon arrival and assisted my checking in through the apps. Each guest must be 18 years old or older to be able to stay at Bobobox. Minors should be accompanied by parents or legal guardians (sorry, kids!).

Bobobox does not permit shoes in its inner quarters. Guests will use Bobobox sandals around said quarters. Lockers are available at the reception area to safely locked away the shoes.

Only guests may enter the inner quarters of Bobobox. Visitors are permitted solely in Lobby area. During check in process, guests are issued individual QR code. I was able to enter the inner quarters after I acquired this code.

The Room

Instead of sharing sleeping quarters, guests sleep in private pods. These are available in singles or doubles and each offered in two types: Sky Pods (bed is high off the floor – picture above) and Earth Pods (bed is low on the floor – pictured below). I chose a Sky Double Pod.

The pod is quite spacious, contrary to what I expected. It is approximately 240cm by 200cm. It comes with basic amenities such as toothbrush, toothpaste, towels. Soap and shampoo are available inside shower area. There is a pad (called B-pad) that controls mood lamps, bluetooth music to door lock system.

The Facilities

Just like most capsule hotels, common rooms in smoking and non smoking types are available at Bobobox Dago. There is a pantry where you can make your own coffee or tea. Plates and cutleries are available in this area.

Bobobox does not permit food and drinks inside pods to keep them clean. Therefore, it is advisable to utilise the common rooms.

Naturally the concept of shared living means shared bathrooms.


I love the bathroom at Bobobox Dago. It was spacious, brightly lit and clean. There were plenty of showers with great water power and hot water, toilets and sinks. That way guests do not have to take turns. Hair dryer is available next to the sinks.

Praying room is available for Muslims, complete with wudhu area, praying mats and praying dress. Just like every other corner, this area was squeaky clean.

Bobobox Dago strictly enforced quiet hours within the hours of 21.00 – 7.00. It is compulsory to keep noise and volumes down as not to disturb others.

Bobobox offers no breakfast. However, staff will happily advise you on nearby restaurants.

It was an interesting experience staying at Bobobox Dago. It was cheap, convenient, clean and very comfortable. In case you’re wondering, I booked my Sky Pod at IDR. 190.938,-

If you’re looking for a cool budget hotel at a convenient location in Bandung, you might want to check the hotel out. You can do so through its website or instagram handle. If you wish to see what the pods look like, check out this IGTV on my instagram.

Have you ever stayed at a Bobobox? Or at any capsule hotel for that matter? Let me know your experience in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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