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Laparoscopy: How To Prepare

This is the first part of my experience with laparoscopy.

You can read the second part which describes my experience on the day of procedure is is here.

My experience with laparoscopy started when my husband and I decided we were going to pursue IVF. We were married in 2011, we’ve been married for seven years and yet we were unable to conceive naturally. All discussions and diligent research led to one thing: In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). And that’s how we met dr. Luky Satria, SpOG at RS Mayapada Lebak Bulus, Jakarta.

Careful examination deduced that my endometriosis state interferes with our attempt to become pregnant naturally. A condition treatable by laparoscopy surgery.

After a lot of considerations we agreed that the procedure will be performed at RS Fatmawati, Jakarta, Indonesia in September 2018. A coordinating nurse at RS Fatmawati advised me through the whole preparation.





Mine was scheduled at September, 24th, 2018 in the afternoon at 16.00.

Some of the things I prepared for before surgery were:

    • Two days prior to surgery consume nothing but plain rice porridge and drink nothing but water.
    • Bring loose clothing. Pullover dresses are best.
    • Bring adult diapers. If you are still weak post surgery and your catheter has been removed, adult diapers will assist you. Make sure you bring the right size. I brought a size too small and it was troublesome.
  • Bring granny panties. You know, those big panties which waistband comes up to your waistline and made out of cotton. They don’t end up at your hips which could scratch your surgery marks and they are so comfortable they will be your best friend post surgery.
  • A full Brazilian wax was definitely in order (ouch!).





Another thing I have to deal with was anxiety. I was anxious about the procedure knowing that I would be fully anaesthetised. The idea of having to be completely dependent to a ventilator is chilling for me.

I have long ago decided that fear comes from failure of understanding. Not knowing what will happen to you, how a procedure is going to be performed, how your body might react. I had to see a team of doctors in preparation of laparoscopy so I pulled out the best of them. Every time I went to see each of them, I drilled them like there is no tomorrow. In addition, I also browsed the internet for further study.

Knowing every little tiny detail calmed me. As well as having a supportive husband who helped my research, made sure I was fully informed and soothed my anxiety.

If you experience anxiety prior to surgery, educate yourself and talk to someone supportive like a spouse, a friend or seek medical guidance.

Bowel Prep

Your doctor might require you to consume liquid diet prior to surgery but that depends on your condition. I didn’t go through liquid diet. However I went on a plain rice porridge diet starting two days before. Eight hours before procedure I was required to consume a bottle of laxative, Fleet Phosposoda, to clear out the bowel. It was unpleasant but necessary. I stayed home as close as possible to the restroom until it was time to go the hospital as it was more comfortable for me emptying my bowel at home.

Preliminary Tests

You may be asked to do chest x-ray, urine analysis, electrocardiogram (EKG) and blood tests. These tests will help your doctor to better understand your existing condition. You may also be asked to see an internist and an anaesthetist. This is a great chance for you to ask questions about laparoscopy procedure. They should be able to give further understanding to ease your concerns.

My advice to those who will undergo laparoscopy surgery: prepare yourself well. If you’re anxious, drill your doctors. Asked around. The internet is your friend. Educate yourself and you will be fine.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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