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During Laparoscopy Surgery

This blog post is about my experience during laparoscopy surgery. Here I talk about what went down on the day of surgery.

You can read the first part which explains how I prepare ahead of procedure right here.

The day of the laparoscopy surgery was scheduled on Monday, September 24th 2018 at 16.00.

I have been on a plain meal diet since Saturday. I ate nothing but plain rice porridge and drank nothing but water. My last breakfast was at 7 am that morning. An hour later I took a bottle of laxative to evacuate my bowel. I drank two more glasses of water. I stopped consuming anything by 9 am. Then I took some rest to prepare myself for the surgery ahead.

It was approximately 13.30 when I went to the hospital. My husband, parents and little sister in law came with me. The whole family was there for full support. *grin*


Upon arrival a coordinating nurse assisted me with hospital administrations. A few moments later an orderly wheeled me into the prep room where I changed to a hospital gown then a nurse escorted me to the operating theatre.

Another nurse helped me onto the operating table and made small talks with me while the whole team was preparing for the surgery.  Then someone put a face mask anaesthesia on me and I went to a deep sleep. I did not feel a thing.

It felt like minutes later when I heard the nurse calling my name, trying to wake me. It was too cold and I was shivering but other than that I was comfortable.

Later they wheeled me to my room where I stayed for a few days to recover. My family greeted me but I was too drowsy out of anaesthesia so I went back to sleep.

Post Surgery

It was natural to experience some discomfort after surgery. My main concern was the soreness in my larynx. Carbon dioxide gas inflated my abdomen during laparoscopy surgery. The gas allows the doctor to see internal organs clearly. A breathing tube inserted into the laryngeal airway, helping me breath.

This caused some discomfort afterwards. I can’t swallow very well so I consumed tender food which I’m not a fan of. Drinking fluid was a problem, swallowing hurts.

Attached to a catheter is another thing that I also hated. I toss and turn so much in bed. I had to be careful not to tug on my catheter, that would’ve been unpleasant.

Length Of Stay

I stayed two nights at the hospital.

My first night went okay. I had not completely recovered from anaesthesia so I was very sleepy. I woke up once in the middle of the night feeling slightly disoriented.

Day two was boring. Catheter restricted my movement and I hated that. By noon I demanded to be taken off from it. I was put on adult diapers for a few hours so I didn’t have to make trips to the restroom. You need to be able to pee naturally after your catheter removal as a sign that your body is responding well after surgery.

My bladder was full, I needed to go, but it wouldn’t let go. It seems to have temporarily forgotten how to do it. I held on to a piece of wet tissue to help my brain send the signal to my bladder to let go. Success!

I was also eating a whole lot more because of the diminishing sore in my larynx .

I started sitting up and tried to walk around a bit. There was no dizziness but I felt drained afterwards. Apparently I was still weakened from the surgery. Gradually I taught my body to be up and running again.

By the third day I asked the doctor if I could be discharged from the hospital. I was feeling fine. My whole body was responding well post surgery and was rapidly healing.

I was back home that night.

Do you have any questions about laparoscopy: the day of surgery? Orr maybe you have experience the procedure yourself? Leave a comment in the section below. I would love to read them.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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