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A Virtual Photoshoot With Alfa Arzika

A new trend has emerged from world pandemic: virtual photoshoot. Since it is impossible to meet during quarantine, everyone has resolved to shooting virtually from the comforts of home.

Virtual photography has always intrigued me. I wanted to feel the experience behind it.

When my photographer best friend, Alfa Arzika, asked me to do one with her I quickly jumped at the offer.



The Prep

First we discussed concepts and moods. Communication is key here. Both photographer and client need to be able to convey desired outcome.

Once we both knew what we aimed for, we did several virtual recce around my house to determine appropriate photo spots. The most important thing is to pick a spot with the best natural light and has superb internet connection.

I was to prepare the sets and props, costumes, make up, ascertain a good wifi connection and my mobile fully charged. She was to make sure her connection is excellent and produce well captured images.

The complete opposite of regular photoshoots where Alfa would’ve taken care of everything and all I have to do is show up. Teehee!

The day before the shoot I took special care prepping my hair and skin. I have dehydrated skin with a tendency to look dull. Without proper care it would have looked hell on camera. I tried getting as much rest as possible to avoid looking tired. 

My last photoshoot was years back while I was still in uni, about twenty years ago, thus I was super excited.

The Day

On shooting day I chose to put on natural make up and opted for comfy clothing; a pair of jeans and white sleeveless, to match the outdoorsy set.

At exactly 10 sharp, Alfa face timed me (I love her punctuality!) and we started shooting.

Throughout the photoshoot I noticed that she has the ability to direct and create a mood on set despite being physically far away from location.

She knew how to build the right atmosphere by triggering emotional responses on her model. She understood what was expected and can interpret them into final images.



Her sunny personality helped rectify my mood when I got tired from so much posing.

It was such a fun fun photoshoot.

The Results

Here are several results from the virtual photoshoot.


You can view more results on my instagram handle; @unyeel.

Alfa Arzika is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, speaks fluent English and available for virtual photoshoot. If you are interested to work with her, you can contact her through instagram; @misstwiggie.


  • @misstwiggie

    It was a pleasure taking your photographs 🤩 together we captured some great shots and I really hope you enjoy them as “memorable pics during pandemic” for years to come 😘

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