Hi, I am Lully.

Single name. Like Cher. Or Madonna. Or even Suzanna perhaps (if you’re Indonesian you’ll know what I mean).

I’m an Indonesian living in the city of Jakarta. For those who don’t know Indonesia is located in the equatorial. If you’ve heard about Bali, that island is part of Indonesia. Go ahead trace your globes if you’re confused.

This blog was initially created as a medium for me to share my laparoscopy experience. When I found out I need to have one performed, I browsed the internet for information about it. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of laparoscopy stories written by Indonesian bloggers. The stories I did found did not provide the information I seek. So I decided to share my own experience which hopefully would help someone.

I’m in my early 40s, married and at the moment childless. By the time this blog was created my husband and I are on a TTC (trying to conceive) journey.

I am also working on a better lifestyle. A healthier one. A fitter one. I try to eat healthy and I constantly workout at a CrossFit box, although not as much as I should.

I enjoy reading, writing, travelling and good food. I observe things. I am actually shy and usually quiet among new people. But I am positive and practical. At least I try to be, all the time. I always try to grab the silver lining of things. I also enjoy laughing, a lot.

By the way, this blog will be in English. If you’re not an English native speaker I encourage you to pick up that dictionary and let’s practice together. Who knows, maybe by reading this blog you might learn some English. I will be very very happy. That means this blog would have served one of its purpose.

Do stick around. Leave comments. Let’s be friends.

You can contact me through this contact page. Would love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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