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Lotte Cinema

Established in South Korea since 1999, Lotte Cinema expanded to Indonesia in late 2018. Lotte Cinema Indonesia opened its first Jakarta branch at LotteMart Building, Jl. Fatmawati (formerly D’Best Supermarket Building), about 75m from Cipete MRT Station.

If you reached Lotte Cinema with your own vehicle, you would want to park near the lobby in front of Happy Puppy Karaoke. There is an elevator in that lobby which takes you straight up to the multiplex.

The Multiplex

The multiplex took up the whole fourth floor. It comes equipped with concession stand, praying rooms for Muslims and charging zone.

The concession stand however has very limited variety of snacks. It would be nice if in the future it offers more options to choose from. I do like the Popcorn Mix, a mixture of salted and caramel popcorn. The salted one is not too salty and the caramel is not too sweet. The combination of both is divine!

The Screens

Lotte Cinema has five screens and approximately 750 seats scattered among one Prestige screen, three Regular screens and a CineKids screen.

The Prestige screen operates as the most premium class with fifty reclining seats and their very own throw blankets.

The Regular screens are also outfitted with CineCouple seats (two-person sitting arrangements with no partition or armrest within designated seats) at the top row. The CineKids screen was built especially to enhanced children’s movie experience.

I have yet to sample the CineKids screen by the time this post is up but I will put an update as soon as I have the chance.

I found the seats in Prestige and CineCouple class quite comfortable. But the Regular seating was a bit awkward for me as I felt that the cushioning is a bit too dense for my poor old bones (lol!). I do however enjoy the sound and screen quality of Lotte Cinema screens. I found they are best by far among its existing competitors.

The Admissions

By September 2019 admissions are between IDR 35.000,- to IDR 80.000,- (depends on choice of seat and day of the show), obtainable at Lotte Cinema apps or onsite.

Lotte Cinema also carries a lot of offers which vary every week so don’t forget to check out the current deals at its instagram handle.

Have you been to Lotte Cinema? Tell me if you enjoy the experience in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading, guys.


  • Twigster

    Wah detail bgt nih reviewnya. Jadi pengen nonton di Lotte nanti sore. Btw CineKids itu slain masangin film anak2, apa bedanya sm yg cinema biasa?

    • Lully

      Halo, Twigster, CineKids interiornya beda sama interior screen lainnya. Design lebih ramah anak, lebih ceria dan ada booster cushion biar anak duduknya lebih nyaman. Nanti kalo udah nonton di CineKids, postnya akan diupdate ya.

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