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Ride Jakarta

For months I have been dying to try the classes at Ride Jakarta. As Indonesia’s first boutique indoor cycling studio, I have heard people raved about it. So when Tiara Soemakno, one of the instructors, invited me to try one of her classes I jumped at the opportunity.

With branches at Plaza Indonesia and Colony Kemang, Ride Jakarta just opened its latest one at Pacific Place Jakarta. It was easily accessible from where I live. Basically I just walk out my door, hop on an MRT train and then hop off at Istora Mandiri Station where it deposited me nicely in front of the famous shopping mall. Very convenient.

The Studio

The studio is located on Level Two Pacific Place. I fell in love with the interior immediately. There is something about industrial decor that always appeal to me. The open lobby looks very cheerful, approachable and very inviting. A very friendly front desk staff assisted my registration and patiently attend to a million of my enquiries.

I booked my spot previously since apparently classes get fully booked real quick.

Ride Jakarta has a First Timer Package where you pay only IDR 150.000,- for your first two classes available at all branches, valid for seven days since you signed in. I thought this package was the perfect introductory offer for new visitors.

You get a small towel to bring into class, a larger towel for shower and a locker. If you have your own water bottle there is a water dispenser for free refills.

The Classes

My first class was a Level Up class. It was 45 minutes of high and low intensity intervals split into three chapters simulating terrains such as peaks or flatlands with dynamic music blaring to keep you moving.

My last cycling class was in 2014. I worried I might not be able to keep up with the class but I was surprised that I actually could. Tiara slowly worked the class up but made sure that we were actually mindful of our own pace. There was no pressure in keeping with the rest of the class. You set your own resistance and intensity. She energised the class but since you were in control the ride was totally enjoyable. Forty five minutes felt like fifteen minutes.

My second class is Cycle Sculpt. A playful combination of 30 minutes indoor cycling and 15 minutes strength training. What ensued is a full body workout with all the fun.

Apart from these two classes, Ride Jakarta also offers Barre, Zumba, Pound Fit classes among all of its branches. Open Gym is also available with reservations.

The Facilities

The shower area is a symphony of black and white monochromatic scene. There are two shower cubicles with shower amenities, separate dry cubicles, a range of bathroom amenities (a hairdryer, cotton pads and Q-Tips), lockers and a sink. The shower area is unisex so keep that in mind those of you uncomfortable sharing bathrooms with the opposite sex.


Indoor cycling is a great workout for cardiovascular health. A single class burns at least 500 calories. Classes at Ride Jakarta are also suitable for wide range of fitness level, from beginners to advanced. You really should give it a try.

If you are curious about pricing, check out its instagram handle.

Have you ever tried Ride Jakarta? Tell me your experience in the comment sections below.

Thank you for reading, guys!

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