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Yello Paskal Hotel

Last Eid Season, I was in Bandung for my husband’s annual family gathering. We stayed at Yello Paskal Hotel, a bargain hotel under Tauzia Management who also manages multiple brands such as Harris, Harris Vertu, Fox and Pop! – to name a few.

The Hotel

Yello Paskal Hotel is only about five minutes away from Bandung train station. It is conveniently located right inside Paskal Hyper Square and next to the hip 23 Paskal Shopping Center. Parking space is massive since it is merged together with the mall’s parking lot. I did, though, find it a bit hard to look for a space as my arrival was in the middle of Eid Season (muslim holiday) and seemed everybody was at the mall that moment.

Entrance to the hotel is available from parking area (B1 level) or from the mall’s Cai Lobby. You take the elevator up to the hotel lobby. The first thing I noticed about the entrance was all the beautiful wall murals.



Dominated in yellow (obviously!) the overall feel of the lobby is totally welcoming. You can sense the warm ambience immediately. A welcome drink area where you help yourself to refreshing drink (chrysanthemum tea on the day of my arrival) is available next to the reception area.

Checking in was smooth. The staff was wonderful. Our rooms were provided immediately with no hassle. Guests use separate elevators to get to the room floors, accessible only using guest access card.

The Room

There are two types of room at Yello Paskal Paskal: Yello Standard Room which is about 20 sqm and Yello Suite Room which is about 32 sqm. Standard Room is available via website or at most travel agents such as TripAdvisor, Agoda or Traveloka. Suite Rooms however are only available by phone since there are only two rooms.

The rate shown on TripAdvisor when this post is up was about IDR 500.000,- (breakfast included) for Standard Room. When I asked the reception staff upon arrival, the Suites was about at IDR 1.000.000,- (breakfast included). If you’re a member of MTP (My Tauzia Privilege) Loyalty Program however you will a receive membership discount.

I stayed in the Standard Room, a minimally decorated room allowing serene peaceful feeling.

Every room features a day bed, safe deposit box, coffee and tea maker, bathroom amenities, TV with selected channels and a phone. The room itself was brightly lit, bathroom was clean but when I walked around barefoot my soles can feel particles of dust. Housekeeping needs to pay detailed attention to cleaning procedure.

I didn’t feel it was noisy although the hotel was jam packed from the usual holiday wave. Or maybe I was too tired from the journey of Jakarta-Bandung that I immediately fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. But my husband did say in the middle of the night a family checked in into the room next door and he could hear busy voices. I guess it wasn’t as soundproof as I thought.

I have a video tour of the Standard Room on my instagram handle. Click here if you want to see it.


Breakfast was served at Wok N Tok restaurant. Nothing special here, it was the usual breakfast buffet. I went for breakfast a bit late, though. My brother in law who went down first said it was busy.

There is a game corner in the lobby where you can play foosball or head straight to the X-Box. There are also two small wooden horses for small kids to play with. All free to use for hotel guests. My husband had a blast hanging out in this corner with his siblings and nieces.

Highlight of the stay for my nieces was swimming pool. There is a kiddie pool next to the adult pool and they were having the time of their lives. No pool guard in sight so I would urge you to monitor your kids closely if you let them play around the pool area.

I stayed only one night in this hotel. The hotel was sufficient enough for such short stay. If you wish to check out the hotel you can do so by clicking through their website.

If you have been to Yello Paskal Hotel, please let me know your experience in the comment section below.

I have more hotel reviews in another post. This one in Bali might interest you.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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