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Life Mapping 2020

Time to do a life mapping for year 2020. This year I settled on twenty goals to celebrate the beginning of a new decade. I decided the year’s theme will be “Reinventing“.

I am going to reinvent myself. I would like to learn more skills, be more mindful of who I am and yes, I want to lose weight. I would like to finish the year in a better version of myself. 

I adopted the “SMART Goal” method as guidance to set my goals.

SMART Goal method brings structure and trackability into your goals. It enlists five criterias to help you focus on efforts and achieve your goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. You can learn more about it in here.

I wrote on this post, each year I divided my main focus into four: Wellness, Career, Finance and Travel. I broke down each focus into several goals.


Wellness last year focused mainly on IVF Journey. This year I decided to focus on myself, on self growth and development.

1. Lose 5kgs by March 2020

All the hormonal treatments I endured during IVF treatment caused weight fluctuations. My weight jumped 10kgs within two years. I found it harder to move and my clothes are uncomfortable to wear. I don’t have to look like a model or be super fit like olympians but I do need to be healthier. So this year I am going to lose that extra weight.

2. Lose 5kgs more by June 2020

If you noticed I have broken down my weight loss plan into two parts. Telling myself to lose 10 kgs in six months is going to be arduous. However breaking it into smaller goals make me see that this is totally achievable.

3. Write daily gratitude journal

I started a gratitude journal last year and I found it to be therapeutic. I learned to be more mindful and less stressful. This year I’m going to consistently write a journal. 

4. Read one book each month up to December 2020

I promise myself to finish 12 books of any subjects that I find interesting. I enjoy reading ever since I was young. I truly love the smell of books. Do you have any book recommendations? Please share it with me. I would love to read them. 

5. Try new class each month up to December 2020

This is one I am excited for. I wanted to expand myself, to grow and to learn new skills. I have set my eyes on some classes that I found interesting. I will write about them on the blog later.

6. Phone-free day one day a week up to December 2020

I am getting too attached to my phone these past years. I realised this is unhealthy. I decided to have one phone-free day each week. It doesn’t matter which day. I’ll just choose whatever day is best that week, be it a Sunday or a Wednesday.


My goals in career are related to blogging. This blog has been a wonderful outlet for me last year. This year I am focusing on developing and growing it.

7. Redesign blog by April 2020

When I launched this blog last year I wasn’t fully satisfied with its design and layout. This year I will try to improve them. I have so much to learn about blogging technicality.

8. Publish 26 posts by December 2020

I have so many blog post ideas this year. Hopefully I can establish a blogging strategy that will help me write consistently.

9. Build social media presence for blog

Building social media presence will be beneficial for my blog and create traffic. Also it’s a great way of implementing new skills I plan to gain through new classes I mentioned before.

10. Create online/offline business by June 2020

I used to own a business back in 2013. Unfortunately it didn’t go well. I didn’t have the time to really focus on the business. This year I am hoping to find an idea to develop a business that I can really work hard on.


My goal this year is to have better financial stability for my family. Therefore I need a solid financial plan based on four crucial pillars: cash flow, debt management, risk management and asset management.

11. Pay monthly zakat

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam and as a Muslim I am required to set aside 2,5% of wealth owned and donate it to the poor.

12. Decrease debt ratio to max. 30% by December 2020

To have a strong financial health, my husband and I need to decrease debt ratio to a maximum of 30% in comparison to our steady income. The best ratio would be a zero debt ratio. But for now we will try to reach for maximum ratio allowed.

13. Review monthly cash flow

Reviewing monthly cash flow is such an important step to reach financial health. Each month I will plan and review our cash flow. Also closely monitor our spending. Without this strategy we won’t be able to control our money.

14. Review insurance policy by February 2020

This year I need to review our insurance policy. We have several policies that might not be suitable with our current situation. To be able to gain full advantage of the coverage I will need to sit down and conduct a review.

15. Build 60% of required emergency fund by December 2020

The IVF treatment last year used up all our savings, including the emergency fund. This fund is such an important safety net against unexpected expenses. I need to build this fund again.

16. Build 40% of property fund by December 2020

We are hoping to acquire more properties within the next five years. My husband and I need to build funding for property investment. This won’t be an easy feat, especially with such large sums involved. We both will have to discuss our strategy.

17. Save 100% budget for annual holiday by November 2020

Saving for annual holiday means that you won’t have to use funds designated for other purposes, such as the emergency fund. We usually take vacations during low season as it’s cheaper and less tourist-y. At the beginning of each year we determine where we would like to go and calculate how much budget we would need.


I love adventures. This year I plan on having new adventures every month. I have set goals to help me achieve that.

18. Renew passport by February 2020

My passport has long since expired. I have been meaning to renew it but I just didn’t have the time last year. I promised myself to renew it this year.

19. Explore the city every month

I found a few walking tours that offers some great city routes. I plan on joining them every month. This will be a wonderful way to explore the city on foot and get an awesome workout.

20. Annual holiday by December 2020

I have several places that I would like to tick off my bucket list this year; Labuan Bajo & Maumere in East Nusa Tenggara, Ora Beach in Central Maluku, Derawan in East Kalimantan and I am also dying to catch the annual Dieng Festival at Dieng Plateau, Central Java.

I am hoping to tick at least one them by the end of this year.

That’s my life mapped out for the year; 20 goals for 2020. I may or may not be able to achieve all of them but at least by mapping out my life I will have some insights of where my life will go. 

How about you? Do you do a life mapping every year or are you the type of person who prefers to “go with the flow”? Please tell me in comments below.

Thanks for reading, guys!


  • Alfa

    Wow this is so inspiring! Dan goals kita hampir samaaaa! Flip flop! Trus demi apaaaa, gw barusan juga abis nulis utk content @mintxmingle tentang 2020 resolutions for our students/future participants 🙂 Btw utk goal no. 5 lo, nanti join my workshop yaaa ?

    Smoga smua goals lo bisa terlaksana yaaa! ?

  • frida maulidiar

    “6. Phone-free day one day a week up to December 2020” : i’am so happy to see this kind of thing on your list as I’ve been telling you since 2012 to “please put the phone down for a while”, finally its going to happen! yeay!

    Also it would be fun if we can arrange holiday in the end of Oct-Nov 🙂

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