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Year In Review: 2019

Time for a year in review: 2019.

Each year I do a simple mapping of my life. It’s a strategy that allows me to see the direction I want my life to go. At the end of each year it’s easier for me to do a year in review based on this.

I divided my attention into different main focus; Wellness, Finance, Travel and Career.


I prepared goals associated with my well being as an individual. In 2019 these goals were:

1. IVF Journey

I went through the whole journey of in vitro fertilisation all year round. Unfortunately the result came out negative. It made me sad that I may never be able to produce any offspring at all. However I chose to move on with my life rather than feel sorry for myself.

2. Organise a proper work space by February ’19.

This I managed to do. I purchased some book shelves from IKEA, organised books and documents, redid the layout of current work space and created a tidy yet effective work environment.

3. Declutter every three months

This I did not do consistently but I managed some decluttering, donated some used goods and threw out defective ones. It was satisfying to have such a tidy space.

4. Frequent journaling.

I did a few pages of journaling through out the year but never got to do it as often as I would like. It would’ve been nice if I had journaled frequently as I find it a great outlet for stress management. I promise my self to do better next year.

5. Read a book each month.

I managed to read a few books this year but not each month. Next year I am going to dedicate a certain time to read more books.


Financial goals are essential for me. These goals help me stay in line with all family financial purposes.

1. Pay off debts by July 2019.

The IVF treatments I went through didn’t go as smoothly as predicted. Each bump created more financial needs. The whole process ate up all our life savings that forced us to borrow large sums of money. We spent the year trying to pay off debts but failed to achieve this goal. Albeit we managed to decrease debt ratio from 63% to 42% by November 2019.

2. Build proper emergency fund by December 2019.

Again, who am I kidding? You cannot save money while trying to pay off large sums of debts. You will be eating away your life. I gave up trying to do this whilst paying off debts. I just focused on decreasing debt ratio in 2019.

3. Save 80% down payment for property investment by December 2019.

I’m not even going to define this. LOL! I switched my focus solely to debt payments in 2019.


My husband and I are travellers by heart so we aim to travel at least once a year. My travel goals for 2019 were simple because we were in the middle of IVF treatment. 

1. Make a passport.

Believe it or not I do not own a passport! My old one expired in 2013. I never found the time to renew it. It just never happened. Next year, I promised.

2. Celebrate birthday in Bali.

I have spent several birthdays in Bali these past few years. Except for the last two years. I told myself to go this year and it happened. My husband and I spent a nearly a week in Jimbaran to celebrate my 42nd birthday.


I added Career to my main focus ensuing the release of this blog. I wanted to stick to the main purpose of this blog, which serves as an outlet for me to write and share my experience.

1. Launch a blog.

This was my greatest triumph in 2019. For years I wanted to create a blog yet never really got around to doing it. I finally spent the whole 2019 learning the intricacy of blogging and built one. Of course things are far from perfect here in my blog but I keep learning.

2. Publish a post once a week.

Turned out writing is not as easy as it looks. I used to write all the time when I was younger. This habit stopped when I grew older. Being so out of practice, I found it hard to finish a post. But the more I pushed myself to write the more it gets easier. So this goal gets to be my goal next year.

3. Reach traffic goal of 1,000 readers by December 2019.

I love being ambitious. Hahahahaha… Who am I kidding, right? It’s alright. I will try a better approach next year.

That’s it for my year in review. It has been a very emotional year for me. Nonetheless I learned so much it. Each new year brings another opportunities. It’s a chance to write a new page of your life.

You can read my post about how I mapped out my life for 2020 here.

How was your year in review? Did you have a good year? Share yours in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading, guys!

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